About us


I remember waking up to a dream, it scared me... it woke me up, it really did. I was deep in the water and I was having a conversation with a woman who was very strong and loud - but she had no voice. I stood on a huge rock that was in a stream, I could hear the serene sound of the water. There were friendly brown and green snakes, the flowers were blossoming. The trees had fresh fruit. She appeared from the other side - walking right through a strong waterfall. When she reached out to catch my attention, the powerful sound of the water went silent, then she signed to me; no voice but very loud. “My child, look around you, listen to the voices around and inside of you, connect to your craft. your calling will never stop calling you.” I woke up, heavy hearted for some odd reason. I wrote her words down and *KingSaint was born.

Our Calling

From the silent whispers of the waterfall lady - We started making tee shirts that speak to people. She awakened more than just a tee shirt brand, she woke up a digital design agency that has spread its wings to design, consumer insight, concept generation and a loud; deep & caring voice on social media. It’s so much about the words... it is about being a powerful brand that will remind you to think: “I am not afraid, I am here, THIS IS MY TIME!!!!!”

Our prints represent those that believe in their African culture and its values.
Our Africanness has long been suppressed and there's never been a better time than now, to embrace it.
We are bringing an online platform that allows you to design clothing and Xpress yourself without saying a word.

*KingSaint Media

iDlozi awakened more than just a Clothing brand. They woke up a digital design agency that is spreading its wings to design, giving consumer insight, concept generation and a loud, deep, caring voice of the Spirit Guides on social media.